At ASSM manage Residential Strata Schemes which are Unit, Villas and Townhouses.

Some of our larger Residential Strata Schemes include swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums and other shared facilities.

There are many important factors to know about living in residential complexes and it is essential to understand all you can before moving in.

In particular, yes you still have neighbours only now they are much closer, so a lot of consideration and tolerance is needed. Also there are a number of rules that need to be followed when living in a Strata Scheme; these are called by-laws.

If a strata scheme was registered before 1st July 1997, it will probably have the standard "Schedule One" by-laws. If a strata scheme was registered after 1st July 1997, it may have the Model By-laws or it may have Custom-written by-laws. It is important to check so that you know what by-laws are in force in your strata scheme.

Both sets of by-laws are very similar; the main differences are the varying options that come with the Model by-laws. By-laws for any strata scheme can be altered, or added to at any time. This is done at a General Meeting of the Owners Corporation by Special Resolution.

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