Request a Repair

Residential, Commercial, Industrial

The Owners Corporation must make all necessary repairs to the common property to ensure the safety and the appearance of the strata scheme is maintained.

The following is a basic checklist for common property.

Floors, walls, ceramic tiles (originally attached to the common property surface at the time of registration), pipes and electrical wiring in the common property(servicing more than 1 lot), parquet and floor boards (originally installed), vermiculite ceilings, plaster ceilings and cornices, magnesite finish on the floor, balcony doors and slabs dividing two properties.

Bannerman's Lawyers have prepared an indicative guide to help lot owners understand what they own and what is common property – click here to see the article "What Do I Own and What is Common Property?"


Neighbourhood & Community

Neighbourhood and Community schemes are only responsible for repairs to community property. Each owner should repair his or her own property.

Please Note: the above information is only a basic checklist of common property. Clearly this does not tell you all of the details about what is common property and what is lot property, which is described by the relevant legislation and case law. For specific items and answers that relate to your specific lot, please contact your strata manager.

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