At ASSM manage a variety of Neighbourhood and Community Associations.

Neighbourhood and Community Associations may seem similar to strata schemes - but there are some big differences.

The Community Land Management Act has been left deliberately very wide to allow total flexibility. The Community legislation creates subdivisions where a lot owner owns the buildings constructed on that lot and also shares the use of (and contributes towards the maintenance costs of) shared facilities which could include swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums, parklands, native forest areas, wetlands, roadways, etc.

There are Community schemes in New South Wales based around rural lifestyle, golf courses, vineyards, hotel and holiday resorts, as well as schemes with a particular theme or style of housing, eg. Federation.

Because the legislation allows so much variation, there are NO standard By-laws for neighbourhood and community schemes.

The management statement for each neighbourhood and community scheme contains the By-laws which have been specifically tailored for that scheme.

There will usually be particular By-laws relating to animals, garbage collection, drying of laundry, landscape etc.

For information on the by-laws for your neighbourhood or community associations, please contact your strata manger.

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